Posted by: sharemore1 | October 8, 2011

Falling from the High Wire

On the Wires

Something was rustling the leaves outside my window this Saturday morning.  The rustler was green, like the leaves of the tree, but large and moving.   A closer look revealed a worker in a green uniform, balanced on a great knot of electric wires nearly 20 feet off the ground.

My experience in workplace safety and health prompted a quick mental checklist:  hardhat, check; boots, check; fall protection, none; means of egress, unclear.  There was no ladder, not even footholds on the pole that secured the tangle of wires.

Starting Down

With a pair of clippers the man in green cut down one thick wire, dropping it to another worker below.  Then he checked in with someone on his cell phone.  Task accomplished, he started down, grasping wires for support as he descended.

Suddenly he began to fall. The images become blurry here, much as they are in my memory, the action too quick to capture in the low light.   As he started to tumble, his hat came off, clattering to the pavement below.  Then he caught himself on more wires before jumping to the ground.

Worker Falling

Catching Himself

Safely Down

To my relief the worker survived his fall without any obvious damage. This time.  The scenario was a dramatic reminder of what can happen without a safety culture enforced by good regulations.


  1. Wow! Talk about being on top of things! That is definitely a “high interest” post!

  2. Sounds like you could come out of retirement if you really wanted to. Lots for you to do there. How scary! Have there been anymore fall since this write up? At least they have covered wires…oye!

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